Exodus Stations #6

Exodus Station #6: screening, lecture and discussion,

Nicu Ilfoveanu, Anca-Maria Pănoiu, Marta Jecu 1st November 2019 Centre Pompidou, Galerie 3
Topic: Conference and Screening Screening of Overimpression, 2019 - slide multiprojection installation of Nicu Ilfoveanu
Layers of Memory: Staging the Romanian Peasant through the Image Archive of an Iconic Museum in Bucharest, lecture of
Anca-Maria Pănoiu
Conversation between Anca-Maria Pănoiu, Nicu Ilfoveanu, Marta Jecu


Exodus Stations #6

screening and conference


date: 1st November 2019

screening: ‘Overimpressions’ a slide-installation by Nicu Ilfoveanu,

h18-h19, Galerie 4 – Centre Pompidou.

conference: with Anca-Maria Panoiu, Nicu Ilfoveanu, Marta Jecu

h19-h20.30, Galerie 4 – Centre Pompidou

The installation of Nicu Ilfoveanu is the result of his artistic residence in the archive of the Museum of the Romanian Peasant in Bucharest which took place during 2019. His research work is dedicated to way in which rurality is represented in the museum’s display and especially the role of the landscape during the pre-communist (1906-1950) and communist period in Romania (1950-1990).

Nicu Ilfoveanu’s slide installation consists of archive images and his own images with a charachter of the recent rural area in Romania. It is juxtaposing the historic staging of attributes of ‘the peasant’ with the contemporary charachter Gigi, devoid of references, which brings evidence of a rural culture that has self-consumed during decades of political instrumentalisation.

The work brings also a focus on landscape, which is almost absent from the representation of rurality in the archive.

During her lecture, the invited researcher Anca-Maria Panoiu will discuss the history of the Museum of the Romanian Peasant and its archive relating it to the political and cultural history of the last century in Romania.

This project is part of the Exodus Stations research platform (www.exodusstations.com)