Exodus Stations #5

Exodus Stations #5 Publication 'Et in Arcadia' Mucem

Édouard de Laubrie, Yolande Padilla, Vincent Chevillon, Marta Jecu October 2019 Mucem, Marseille
Topic: Publication supported by Mucem, Marseille and IMéRA Aix Marseille Université

Every case study in a museum is accompanied by a publication. These succinct glimpses into the main questions posed by the project constitute a series of small volumes – which give an overview of the entire project and connect the main areas explored in EXODUS STATIONS. They are part of the EXODUS STATION EDITION BOX, whcih can be ordered under the section LIBRARY of this website.

This booklet consists of the following chapters:

Introduction by Marta Jecu on the main research interests of the project;

Introduction by Yolande Padilla

Archive Material: samples from the personal photographic archive of the curator Édouard de Laubrie;

Interview with the curator Édouard de Laubrie

Image extract from the work of Vincent Chevillon.