Exodus Stations #1

'Exodus Stations #1' Publication
on the Residency of David Casini,
Benoit Maire and Marco Pires

Marta Jecu Published in Paperback, September 2017
Artists featured: David Casini, Benoît Maire and Marco Pires.
Design: Madalena B. Guerra

Every case study in a museum is accompanied by a publication. These succinct glimpses into the main questions posed by the project constitute a series of small volumes – which give an overview of the entire project and connect the main areas explored in EXODUS STATIONS.

This booklet consists of the following chapters: Archive Material, an Excerpt of the Photographic Archive of the Museu Carlos Machado, Ponta Delgada, Azores; Article by Marta Jecu regarding the history of the classification system of the museum’s archive and its colonial implications; Overview of the artistic work realized by Benoit Maire, David Casini, Marco Pires.