Exodus Stations #1

Archive Cabinet:
The Museu Carlos Machado Archive

15th July - 3rd September Museum Carlos Machado

The images here show an insight of the research cabinet which was immediately neighbouring the exhibition of Benoit Maire, David Casini and Marco Pires in the Grand Choir of the Convento Saint Andre. If the works in the exhibition created a meta-discourse of artistic interpretation regarding the questions posed by the archival material, the research cabinet displayed reproductions of the archive photographies n acetate foils. Projected by a retroprojector on the wall, the foils constituted an interactive installation which could be manipulated by the viewer. The audience was invited to choose the foils and create their own sequence of information. The publications and a press release offered complementary material regarding the history of the archive material.

Mingled with the archive images, the viewer could also find some of Benoit Maire’s works: exemplares of transparent foils depicting advertisements of luxury items of past decades as exemplary objects of material culture of a recent epoch.

For more information on the archive material please consult the section RESEARCH.